YOUTH (5-15)

My pet, Black and White: Elizabeth Hazard, Emily Hazard, Skylar Killer

Rural life/farm scene, Black and White: Keyshia Killer, Daniela Cundick

Maine scenic area, Black and White: Skylar Killer, Cooper Tardif

My family, Black and White: Riley Tardiff, Tucker Tardiff, Daniela Cundick

My pet, Color: Keyshia Killer, Emma Nichols, Heidi Osborne

Rural life/farm scene, Color: Isabella Hazard, Bellina Dingley, Madison Baker

Maine scenic area, Color: Skylar Killer, Isabella Killer, Summer Killer

My family, Color: Isabella Hazard, Tucker Tardiff, Emily Hazard

Best of Show: Keyshia Killer

ADULTS (16-64)

Scenic place, Black and White: Carrie Jenness, Sylvia Williamson

My pet, Black and White: Sylvia Williamson

Rural life/farm scene, Black and White: James Beane, Darlene Nelson, Rachel Decker

Portrait photo, Black and White: Angela Nile, Darlene Nelson, Ellie Tyer

Open subject, Black and White: Carrie Jenness, Jessica Harris, Allyssa Ladd

Scenic place, Color: Beverl Olson, Taylor Harnden, Carrie Abbott

My pet, Color: Nancy Richardson, Carrie Jenness, Mirana Pollis

Rural life/farm scene, Color: Rachel Decker, Amanda Beane, Michele Weeks

Portrait photo, Color: Rachel Decker, Carrie Jenness, Mirana Pollis

Open subject, Color: Nancy Richardson,Rachel Decker, Esther Hall

SENIORS (65 and over)

Scenic Place, Black and White: Blanche Lyons, Leon Boucher

My Pet, Black and White: Blanche Lyons,

Portrait photo, Black and White: Blanche Lyons, Katie Hallman

Open subject, Black and White: Blanche Lyons

Scenic Place, Color: Leon Boucher, Terry McMannus, James Dwinal

My Pet, Color: Debbie Nicely, Leon Boucher, Terry McMannus

Rural Life/Farm Scene, Color: Blanche Lyons, Leon Boucher, Nancy Pelletier

Portrait Photo, Color: Blanche Lyons

Open Subject, Color: James Dwinal, Leon Boucher,Debbie Nicely

Best of Show: Rachel Decker


Adults: Lillian Sears, Patricia Toothaker

Children: Taytum Robinson, Brooke Bailey, Elizabeth Hazard


Adults: Nancy Richardson

Children: Paige White, Hunter Schiche, Chase Schiche

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