To the Editor:

Before Donald Trump ever became president of the United States, he requested that Russia, one of this nation’s most ardent adversarial political opponents assist him in that endeavor.
Under the unchallengeable influence of Vladimir Putin, Russia responded vigorously, with a deluge of ambiguous negativity on the social media to discredit his political opponent.

By doing so, Russia achieved their objective at rendering a presiding president of this nation as being compromised by and more beholden to their best interest than to that of the collective citizenry of the nation that he became president of.

To compound his irrational allegiance to our traditional adversaries, Trump also engaged in an intense campaign to further ingratiating himself to them by the medium of frequent photo opts. Those ardent opponents of a democratic society came to the instantaneous conclusion that all that was necessary to further compromise Trump was to just blow a little complimentary smoke in his direction and in response he would bow to their every wish and desire, rendering Trump as being a grossly compromised commodity.

Don Chase

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