Joanne Dickson and Shellie Laliberte led a stalwart group of middle and high school students to the Maine Youth Action Network Conference being held in Bangor’s Cross Center on November 6 & 7. The main theme of the two-day gathering was We Are the Now. The bulk of responsibility was left to the teenage organizers who also oversaw the many sessions offered throughout the two days.

RLRS High School sophomore, Mya Laliberte, says she learned of “many pressing issues that youth want to change…(and) I gained the confidence to talk about these issues.” This was Mya’s second year attending the conference.

Freshman Daxxtyn Williams found the entire experience to be “refreshing.” He goes on to say, “I gained a fresh new vision on how to address problems, mainly pertaining to one’s mental health, and how to deal with addiction of any kind.”

Though RLRS was the smallest school present at the conference we had the most students representing a school, at 18. This speaks volumes for the kids who want to participate, the school’s enthusiasm to nurture their students’ drive to become better citizens, and, especially, the community’s support in the way of The Rangeley Health and Wellness Center. Thanks to Jeanne Thorvaldsen for her continued advocacy on behalf of the students.



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