100 Years Ago:

Charles H. Williamson of Auburn. chairman of the Androscoggin County YMCA has invited between 6O-75 of his friends to a dinner Saturday noon at Abou Ben Adhern hall. They will meet George Gleason and E.0.Jacob, two prominent YMCA men.

50 Years Ago: 1969

In a special meeting Saturday morning, Dec. 23 was set as the date for a public hearing on a proposal for a 50-unit Squire Hills housing project and then voted to recommend to the city council that the zoning ordinance is amended to permit certain types of office buildings in residential zones. According to the zoning amendment proposal action, such uses could be permitted if approved by the Auburn Board of Appeals.

25 Years Ago: 1994

Judging of exterior home Christmas decorations by the Santa Comes to Poland Committee will take place this weekend. Prizes will be awarded to winners at their homes Monday They are: first, two New Year’s Eve dance tickets: second. a turkey: and third, a Poland Bi-centennial candle For more information, call: Larry Foster,  or Brian Remillard.

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