“Marshwood Center is committed to the health and safety of our patients and residents, which is always our primary concern. While we cannot comment on the care of specific patients or residents or incidents due to HIPAA regulations, we have made some changes within the facility that support our goal for quality patient care.

“In October 2019, we partnered with Advantage Surgical and Wound Care, a national organization with extensive experience in wound care. We collaborate with them in coordinating bedside surgical services and the care of chronic wounds and issues regarding our residents’ skin in general.

“Marshwood Center is engaging Healthcentric Advisors, a Quality Improvement Organization, to review and recommend areas of opportunity for quality improvement.

“Marshwood’s Center Executive Director had previously planned to relocate to a sister facility. Last Monday, December 9, 2019, we welcomed Sara Sylvester who is a tenured and experienced Center Executive Director in Maine. Sara brings 32 years of experience as an Administrator and is a nurse by background. We are excited to have Sara join our team and she will be working diligently to address any and all patient, resident and family concerns.

“We are very proud of our recreation program here at Marshwood Center. We have a well-known activities director, Mary Dempsey, who encourages center-wide participation. Some of our programs include visits from the local Humane Society, a Reiki practitioner and local Veterans. We also offer games, gardening, reading discussions, exercise groups, music and laughter yoga, to name a few. If a patient or resident is unable or unwilling to join the group, we go to their rooms to engage them in an individual activity.

“As you probably know, there is a shortage of certified nursing assistants across the state of Maine. According to the Maine Healthcare Association, there are 600 vacant CNA positions across approximately 100 nursing facilities, so an average of six vacancies per facility. As part of our work development efforts, Marshwood Center has developed all-expense paid training program for certified nursing assistants, who are also paid while they train. Graduates are guaranteed a full-time job at the completion of the program. While relatively new, 11 have already graduated and remain full-time employees at Marshwood Center.


“We are not aware of any complaints or instances regarding staff making changes to medical records, for example when giving patient medications. We would take any allegation seriously and investigate it. In fact, we utilize an Electronic Medical Administration Record (EMAR), which cannot be altered. If you have more detail, please forward so we can investigate.

“We would like to further clarify a statement made in your original article regarding maggots in a wound.  We have no information to substantiate that any patient developed maggots in our care. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services investigated but did not validate the presence of maggots.

“We have received support from many residents, families, staff and community members and we would be happy to provide your contact information to them if you agree. We encourage you to provide a balanced view.

Thank you.”

Lori Mayer (Spokeswoman, Genesis HealthCare)

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