100 Years Ago: 1920

After next Monday when Henry E, Goss will be inaugurated mayor of Auburn, Mayor Burnham will be a free man–that that is free for political activities. The non-partisan bonds which have held him bound hand and foot, as it were, for two years, will have been broken. being a shackled figurehead, politically, never suited Mayor Burnham, He has said as much and those who know Mayor Burnham, declare that when he says a thing, it’s so, or near-so. He hasn’t said he is going to run for sheriff, but his friends say he is the best and will win in a walk.
Figuratively speaking Mayor Burnham. takes to politics just as a duck takes to the water.

50 Years Ago: 1970

A taxicab owned by the Union Square Taxi Co. of Lewiston reported stolen Wednesday morning, has been recovered In New Hampshire, it was reported Thursday. Capt. Laurier Morin said the vehicle was found late Wednesday night in New Hampton, N.H. and that the owner, Israel Winner, went to New Hampshire Thursday morning to claim his vehicle.

25 Years Ago: 1995

Gov.-elect Angus King huddled with his advisers over the state budget and fine-tuned his inaugural speech on the eve of Thursday’s inauguration, while aides said all 6,200 tickets to the event are spoken for. Tickets for Saturday’s gala In an airplane hangar at the Brunswick Naval Air Station remained on sale for $10 apiece, but organizers said the free tickets to the inauguration at the Augusta Civic Center were gone_ Most Mane TV stations planned live coverage of the inauguration, and people without tickets were urged Wednesday to watch the pomp and ceremony from home rather than being turned away from the civic center.

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