To the Editor:

Trump’s self proclamation that he is an unparalleled genius is somewhat ambiguous but at the same time deserves some degree of merit, for Trump is indeed an unparalleled genius at the art of immaculate deception.

Trump once claimed that he sent his investigators to Hawaii to find proof that Barak Obama was not a legitimate citizen of this nation. He claimed that you would not believe what it was they found out. It is true that you might not believe what they found out because it is likely there was never any investigators sent, and Trump never bothered to reveal what it was they didn’t find out.

Trump also claimed that there were thousands of Muslims across the river cheering when the Twin Towers went down during the 911 attack. The fact that Trump was evidently the only witness to that happening might give some credence to Trump’s proficiency at the art of immaculate deception.

There are not enough pages in any publication to accommodate all of Trump’s instances of immaculate deception, but they have become so frequent and apparent that the collective citizenry of this nation might be well advised to become aware of the impending consequences that are sure to be a result of Trump’s continued desecration of the realm of democracy by his repulsive and deplorable art of immaculate deception.

Don Chase

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