To The Editor:

It is time for Republicans, independents, and open-minded democrats to rally around Senator Susan Collins. She is being attacked by liberal interest groups and some insane republican groups. All of these people need an attitude check.
I am a conservative republican. I believe in personal responsibility, traditional family values, diversity of thought and opinion, lower taxes and regulations, and a minimum of government handouts and assistance programs. Despite my beliefs, however, I always evaluate issues based on the best interests of my constituents. If a democrat offers good legislation, I always consider it. Is Sen. Susan Collins a strict monolithic voter in lock step with my beliefs and ideas? Absolutely not. However, in comparison to ANY of her potential democrat challengers, she is not only head and shoulders above the pack, she is everything below the shoulders and above the feet better.

For the first time in fifty plus years, middle class America is back in action. We are becoming greater by the day because we have a Senate, a Senator, and a President who pay attention to Main Street and not Wall Street. We are becoming more prosperous by the day because we have a President and a Senator who pay attention to policies that benefit the average citizen in Maine.

Do I agree with all of the utterances made by our President? Of course, I don’t. I do, however, respect and recognize how this President, with the thoughtful assistance of our Maine Senator, is accomplishing great things for our Country. Long after the emotional outbursts and the injured feelings of the crazy leftists have subsided, the policies that put American people first and jobs on Main Street at the forefront will continue to pay dividends. I believe Senator Collins has tried her best to vote and express the interests of Maine over the years, and when the chips are down, our Senator has always voted in favor of the honest policies America needs. It takes courage to do this knowing that criticism will follow.  This courage will NEVER happen if we place a monolithic socialist new democrat liberal in the Senate. All we will get with election of one of these people is further destruction of our century’s old successful capitalist economy, more movement toward socialism, and more insane impeachment efforts. If you are sick and tired of glib liberal globalist politicians and their families getting rich while putting Iran, and China, and all other Countries ahead of ours, then you must return Senator Collins to the Senate.

She is needed desperately to support the Main Street policies of President Trump. This lady is the LAST REPUBLICAN OFFICE HOLDER IN ALL OF NEW ENGLAND, and Maine must show its independence and re-elect her.

Representative Richard Pickett

District 116

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