JAY — At the Regional School Unit 73 directors meeting Thursday, Jan. 23, Spruce Mountain High School Athletic Director Marc Keller said he plans to make all banners in the gym uniform.

“There are over 100 banners on the walls representing regional and state championships from both Jay and Livermore Falls high schools,” he said. “I’d like to clean it up a bit, do banners similar to what we have as Spruce Mountain.”

Keller said Signworks in Farmington estimates the cost for each roughly 3.5 by 7-foot vinyl banner at $130. Between 16 and 18 would be needed, he said.

“I’ve heard a lot of people say, ‘If you get rid of that banner, contact me. I’d like to have it.’ Maybe in the fall at the craft fair we could sell them or have a silent auction to help offset the costs,” Keller said. “It’s been interesting to look and see some of that stuff. Both Livermore Falls and Jay appear to have won the Mountain Valley Conference in baseball in 1981. I’m not sure how that happened, we’re looking into it.”

Keller said there are some trophies from 1940 without banners that he wants banners for.

In other business, the board voted to agree to the exception and the assumption of obligations in regards to the tennis courts next to the elementary school.

Albert said the issue arose when HollandStrong wanted to do some work at the courts.

He said they found out the courts and piece of property, which was given to the district by the Town of Jay, was funded by a grant through the Bureau of Forestry and Public Lands. No one currently in the Jay town office or the district were there in 1976 or 1979 when the grant was obtained.

“Our lawyers looked it over to make sure we were not held liable for all those years we didn’t know it was our property. The state is excited to hear there’s a project for the tennis courts. No one knew,” Albert said.

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