To the Editor:

In the realm of political discourse, the term “abuse of power” seems to be a bit ambiguous.  Power not being a physical entity cannot be mistreated nor abused. A more pertinent expression of what is now taking place under Trump and the prevailing Republican administration in Washington, is and should be recognized as being “A gross and blatant Misuse of Power”.

The impeachment of Donald Trump and removal from office efforts, by those concerned about the sanctity of democracy and national sovereignty are at this time impeded beyond redemption by the entrenched dictatorial Republican establishment in this nation’s capital.

Though in complete control at this stage of the game, the present administration and complicit Republican Senate in Washington will eventually be subjected to the unyielding scrutiny of the collective American electorate, at which time their chickens will come home to roost and they will become entitled to reap the illicit harvest which they have so diligently sown.

Don Chase         

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