DEAR SUN SPOTS: During the weekend of Dec. 5 through 8, 2019, I was shopping in the Falmouth and South Portland areas and lost my ring. It is a diamond solitaire with a sapphire wrap. The ring is of significant value, but more importantly, it was given to me when my mother passed away 27 years ago and I treasured it. If anyone finds my ring, please contact me at 624-1784. Thank you.

— Michelle, no town

ANSWER: Oh, Michelle, that is heart-breaking. I hope you have put an ad in the Portland and Falmouth newspapers’ classifieds and posted on social media about it as well. You may also want to call pawn shops in the area if you haven’t already.

Many years ago, I lost a watch that was very special to me. I was so sad and totally gave up on it after retracing my steps and making dozens of calls. Several weeks later, I found the watch wedged between the passenger seat and console in my car when I wasn’t even looking for it. I was just thrilled.

I hope you have searched your vehicle, the pockets of your clothes, any shopping bags you may still have, and the purse you were using during that weekend really well and more than once. And if you are a praying person, calling on dear St. Anthony certainly can’t hurt. Please let us know when you’re beloved ring is found.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have heard really good things about Trinity Church and the Oasis of Music. Is it free or is there a charge?’

— No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Anita of Lewiston is a reader who wrote in and helped me answer this question. Trinity Church is at 247 Bates St. in Lewiston near Kennedy Park. They have a lot going on there, such as providing meals, etc.

From September through May, they have free entertainment on Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. for half an hour. There’s no charge for the event, but you can give a donation to help the church and all they do for the community.

Anita wrote that anyone who goes to the Oasis of Music would enjoy it. “You get to meet nice people and the more the merrier. I just heard about this event last year and I like it very much.”

I love recommendations like this from readers. It’s good to know that there are ways to get together with like-minded folks during the winter months when we can sometimes feel isolated.

According to the Trinity Church website, Oasis of Music features artists from the greater Lewiston-Auburn area who perform vocal and instrumental music of all types, from folk to jazz to classical, world and everything in between. Weekly Facebook posts give information on the artists for each concert.

Musicians interested in performing should email Greg Boardman or call him at 344-3106.

You can look at the full calendar of events and find out more about all the services Trinity Church provides at I could go on and on about the Jubilee Center, the Wisdom Women’s Center, Tree Street Youth, and more. Check it out! The contact telephone number is 716-6299.

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