To the Editor:

Our left wing Democrats, largely under the attractions of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others espousing free education and free health care from cradle to grave, paid for by billionaires and millionaires are attracting young Americans in record numbers. This “free stuff” is magnetic to young people who have not learned the lessons of history. What they don’t realize that everything free that you get from government costs you a little bit of your freedom!

Bernie Sanders was wooed by the siren song of Communism and Socialism in Russia, where he got married in Moscow as a young man and in Cuba where he learned from Fidel Castro. Free everything sounds great until you find out you have nothing left. What good is a college education, if there are no jobs available to put it to work?

The cost of free stuff stolen from businessmen and women who built those business (in the form of taxes) to cut back and either close down or move to a more favorable environment. Socialism only works when you have a government that controls everything in order to be able to control the cost of products and provide theoretically fair prices to everybody.

In conclusion, the American way of providing the freedom to choose what you want to do in life, and to work toward those goals is far superior to accepting “free stuff” and losing your freedom. Doctor Benjamin Carson, a black man who escaped the slums of Detroit Michigan to become a renowned brain surgeon shows what one can become in America.

*Look up this word in Webster’s unabridged dictionary.

Richard Grover
Mason Twp.

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