100 Years Ago 1920

As the pung of the Everett laundry was passing thru Lincoln street Wednesday morning a truck on which was a set of sleds swung around a corner and smashed into the pung, demolishing one side of it and throwing out the driver. He was struck on his head but, fortunately escaped serious Injury. The drive of the truck never slackened speed or made any effort to ascertain whether he had caused serious day damage or not.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Allied officials on the eve of Tet, the lunar new year, believe they know the intention and the military capabilities of the Viet Cong-North Vietnamese forces. And they say they can withstand any major holiday attacks. But this knowledge has not steadied the pre-Tet jitters that have pervaded Saigon, the northern city of Da Nang, the battlefields and all other cities and towns in South Vietnam Friday,

25 Years Ago: 1995

The Poland Boosters Club Community School gym will be the Poland Panthers boys’ and girls’ varsity hoop teams taking on their parents. The Poland girls will trade hoops with the mothers at 7 p.m. The Poland boys will take on the dads at 6:15. In addition, the “Cheerleading Moms” have been practicing to cheer on the older cagers.

The material used in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspelling and errors may be corrected.

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