100 Years Ago 1920

On February 20, the biggest national campaign for recruits for the United States Army ever known is to be launched. In connection with this campaign there will also be a nation-wide “Essay Contest” in which thousands of school children will be entered. The subject of the essays will be “What Are the Benefits of an Enlistment In the United States Army?” This will be open to every pupil in every school in the country, and some remarkable prizes have been offered.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Auburn Building Inspection Supervisor, Ralph Emery today reminded contractors and homeowners that any inside work like alterations to a home, requires two building permits. Emery noted that the winter season is a time when small alterations and additions are handled by contractors, these odd jobs having been put off until the slack season. Emery said he has had to remind several people that a permit is necessary before any work is started — not after it is finished or partly finished and discovered by inspectors.

25 Years Ago: 1995

The sound of music will be drifting out of Molly Ockett Middle School all day Saturday as the school plays host to the District Honors Band and Honors Chorus Festival. The event features about 200 students from 13 local middle level schools, and will feature a concert at 4 p.m. “I volunteered the school,” Molly Ockett Middle School music instructor Charles Condelio explained. “At a District Music teacher meeting, last May, they were looking for a host school. I volunteered Molly Ockett.” Condelio said the Fryeburg school had been working on its music program over the past few years, and this festival will provide the district a chance to show off its talent. “I particularly wanted to host this concert, to continue to put our performing musical organization on the map. We have never been involved in hosting other schools the region,” he said.

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