Want to learn to play the drums? Or build a deck? Or tune a piano, fight Krav Maga style or just fix that annoying clanking sound beneath your 1998 Ford Escort?

You could turn to a professional to get your learning, sure, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Or you can turn to YouTube, my friend, or about a million other online services where pros are offering to share their knowledge for free. We know completely non-mechanical people who have nonetheless managed to fix their furnaces, install fancy new showers, get their washing machines going again and then move on to learn a new language by simply popping open their internet browsers.

With that kind of self-empowering mastery in mind, we’d like to know what you taught yourself to do through YouTube or any of the online instructional websites that are out there. Send your brags to staff writer Mark LaFlamme at [email protected] or call 689-2876.

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