Lewiston High School head coach Jamie Belleau and his son, Michael. Daryn Slover/Sun Journal Buy this Photo

LEWISTON — Michael Belleau wasn’t quite born when his father Jamie won the first of back-to-back boys hockey state championships as the head coach at Edward Little in 2003. 

His first memory of his father winning a state title came five years ago — after finals losses in 2011 and 2013 — when Jamie coached his alma mater, Lewiston, to the first of three straight state titles. 

“I remember watching them beat Scarborough, and my idol growing up was Jeromey (Rancourt), so watching him score the winning goal was pretty cool. And we all went on the ice after,” Michael Belleau said. 

“Walking in (to the Colisee) and seeing all the people, it gets you excited and you’re not even playing,” Michael added. “And I see all those players out there just having fun, you know?” 

Now it’s Michael’s turn to play in one of those state championship games, and again the Blue Devils will be taking on the Red Storm. 

For Jamie, It’s an opportunity to coach his son in a state final that he never thought would happen back when Michael was born between the two EL titles. 


“Absolutely not. Not at the high-school level,” Jamie said. “Wasn’t even in my thought process at the time.” 

But, of course, Michael got into hockey, and Jamie found his way across the Androscoggin River to get the chance to coach his alma mater. He also coached Michael through youth and travel hockey, but being the leader behind a Blue Devils bench that Michael was sitting on between shifts was no given. 

Lewiston High School boys hockey coach Jamie Belleau, right, watches a drill at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston on the first day of preseason practice in November. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal Buy this Photo

“You know, we had a decision to make. I had been here for quite a few years, and he was coming into high school, along with my other son (James, who transferred to Kents Hill after his freshman year three years ago), and the question was whether I was going to stay or not,” Jamie said. “And I figured it’s something I’m passionate about, and it’s a family decision we made that we wanted to stick through it. And once he and my other son got here we made the decision we’re going to stick it through and stay. I’m really fortunate that I have such a good group of kids, and that Michael’s been able to do a good job, and it’s all worked out for the best. It’s certainly exciting for our family and I’m excited about it.” 

“He’s always wanted me to win one with him. So it will definitely be pretty special,” Michael said. “Just all these years he’s been waiting for this moment, and I just want to make it happen.” 

Michael made it into one varsity game as a freshman two years ago, when the Blue Devils won their most recent title. He was a regular contributor at forward last year until a broken ankle ended his season just before the playoffs, where Lewiston lost to St. Dom’s in the Class A North regional final. 

“It was definitely hard not being able to play last year, and watching them lose against St. Dom’s,” Michael said. “But playing this year has been a blast, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve played with these kids for a long time, it’s just we’re brothers now. So it makes everything a lot easier, too. The chemistry is there, and the goal is go out there and have fun while you play.” 



Before father and son became coach and player in high school, they had to smooth out the blurred lines between the two relationships at the travel level. 

Jamie said Michael is “soft-spoken,” so he had to try a little harder to get a read on whether Michael was comfortable with his dad being his coach. 

“It wasn’t always easy, but Michael said something to me five, six years ago when I was coaching him in travel. I coached him from mites up until second-year pee-wee. And I remember driving home one day, and he kind of was upset about something, and I was his head coach at the travel level, and he said ‘You always point me out in the locker room, and no one else,'” Jamie said. “And something at that time and that moment I really thought about that, and he was right. He’s mine, and I was not afraid to call him out if he did something wrong or did something right, but probably more when he did something wrong. And that kind of was ingrained in my head, that ‘Why should I treat him any differently than anyone else?’ And it’s something that stuck with me, and I think I’ve tried to do a good job doing that, with all the players, and treat them all the same way.” 

Michael also admitted it hasn’t always been easy. 

“I knew he was a good coach (early on). He’s coached me all my life. It’s definitely different as being my dad, because he’s living with me,” Michael said. “I don’t know, it makes it harder to listen sometimes because he’s my dad, but he knows what he’s talking about. And I listen.” 


Jamie has tried to prioritize his coach’s cap when he puts on his hockey gear and Lewiston blue-and-black warmups. 

“I decided a long time ago to coach high school hockey, and to have your son on the team is an added joy. Any father would be lying if they told you differently,” Jamie said. “I’m excited for him. I’m excited as a dad. But more importantly I’m excited about our team and his teammates. This is all about those kids, his teammates, and the fact that I have my son on the team is just an added benefit. But it’s exciting generally, and it’s really about them, and they put in all the work, and I’m really excited that he can participate in that along with his teammates.” 


Michael has done more than just participate this season. As a second-line forward, he finished second on the team in assists, with 15 during the regular season, to go along with three goals. In two playoff games he has a combined four assists. 

Falmouth goalie Sam Kidder makes a save on Lewiston’s Michael Belleau during a game at Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston in January. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal Buy this Photo

“I think he sees ice really well. He’s unselfish,” Jamie said. “He’s played with Logan (Tripp) growing up as a kid, and he’s with two kids (including Brock Bergeron) who like to put the puck in the net. You know, you need playmakers as much as you need goal-scorers, and that line’s been able to do that, and they work well and they complement each other.” 

Michael, his line, and the team as a whole will have to play complementary hockey to win Saturday’s state final against Scarborough. A victory wouldn’t be the first for Jamie, but it would be the first with a Belleau on the ice. 


Jamie was a practice player as a sophomore at Lewiston when the Blue Devils won a title, then they lost the state final in overtime his senior year when he finally got to play in one. 

That’s what makes this year’s state championship so special out of all of the ones the family has been a part of. 

“We’re pumped. We always talk about it. When we wake up for school, when we’re cooking breakfast, he’s always talking about it,” Michael said. “It’s definitely talked about a lot. It’s been talked about throughout the season that he wants to win it, but it’s definitely getting talked about now since we’re there. He’s ready to win it with me.” 

“I’m ready to go,” Michael said. “This is my first one, so it’s pretty special to me.” 

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