To the Editor:

Ken Morse is a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives in District 71. I am writing this in support of his candidacy. His campaign slogan is “Rooted in Community”, which is a perfect fit for Ken. Having grown up on the family farm in Waterford, he does, in fact, have deep roots in the Oxford Hills. Also, he has been heavily involved in community organizing for virtually his entire adult life. Much of this work has been focused around food and food insecurity. He has helped organize food coops, including the Fare Share Food Coop, and is currently director of the Maine Network of Community Food Councils, an organization that works to support agriculture in Maine, and promote locally sourced foods. He was also instrumental in securing a grant which funded major improvements to Norway’s downtown. I feel secure in saying that Ken’s lifetime of community service speaks for itself.

Ken is a skillful communicator, who really hears what is being said and listens with an open mind. When working on a project, he is thoughtful and methodical in his approach. He is well organized and understands how to work with other people to accomplish a goal. When taking a position on an issue, he supports his argument with relevant information, always persuasively presented. He’s exactly the kind of person I want to represent me in Augusta.

If elected, I know Ken will listen to us, his constituency, and work effectively in the House of Representatives to promote and enact legislation that is important to us. I urge voters who live in West Paris, Waterford, Sweden, and Norway to join me in voting for Ken in November.

Errol Libby



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