Joel Gilbert of Livermore wrote ‘Triumph Over Tragedy’ to thank medical workers for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. He is seen playing the piece that he posted on the Berry Fruit Farm Facebook page Friday, March 27. Submitted photo

LIVERMORE — A local musician has composed a song to applaud and thank medical and emergency personnel all around the world involved in any way with the coronavirus pandemic.

Joel Gilbert, co-owner of Berry Fruit Farm, posted a video of him playing the piece on the farm’s Facebook page Friday, March 27. The post also read, “It’s 8:00 and we applaud the medical and emergency personnel all around the world. Thank you for your care in crisis and your bravery in your response. I wrote this instrumental for the “boots on the ground hero’s.” It’s called “Triumph Over Tragedy.” As you go into the night shift we love, appreciate and thank you!”

On Monday, Gilbert said he plays piano and drums, writes music independently and in collaboration with his sister, Janna Watt of Hampden, Maine, and is the worship leader at Emmanuel Assembly of God Church in Livermore Falls.

Gilbert said he started writing the song about six months ago.

“I try to ask myself if it feels right, sounds right, land on the reason for why I wrote it,” he said. “A piece unfolds over time.

“The melody is peaceful and inspirational. As I was playing it back on my piano at home, I had a feeling for the heroes, leaders, boots on the ground people who are making a difference in the world today.”

Gilbert said he was challenged when deciding a name for the piece.

“My wife, (Melissa), and I knew how it made us feel,” he said. “I had trouble putting words to it. She suggested ‘Triumph Over Tragedy’ – I thought that was genius.

“I hope someone in the medical field will feel that same sense of peace and inspiration we feel from the composition.”

Joel Gilbert of Livermore is co-owner of Berry Fruit Farm in Livermore Falls. He will be posting videos of him playing his piano to “give people a sense of peace” during this time of self distancing due to COVID-19. Submitted photo

Gilbert said he plans to post more songs on the Berry Fruit Farm Facebook page, “To give people a sense of peace. They’ll be one take, not editing songs from my home piano. I just want people to come and join me virtually.

“There’s hope even in this situation. Music, hope, faith and love for our neighbors will get us through this. Spring is going to come. I’m looking forward to it.”

Gilbert said nutrition and farms are vital to peoples’ lives. Berry Fruit Farm has a store in Livermore Falls that usually has less than 10 customers present at a time. The Gilberts are almost ready to launch an online inventory where people can shop from their couch. Curbside delivery options are also being worked on, he said.

Gilbert noted there is still much uncertainty regarding planting and harvesting crops this year.

“We’ll move ahead as safely as possible to protect our employees and customers,” he said. “We will find a solution so safety will be had.”

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