To the Editor:

Dear Farmington Residents and surrounding Communities,

While there does not seem to be a whole lot of “good news” floating around the right now, we would like to tell you about some of the great things coming out of the Recreation Department.

Some great news! The Recreation Department has been working on our new online program schedule to create enough online programming for the next 8-10 weeks! We will be posting a weekly schedule for programs, times, and supplies needed Sundays at 4 p.m. Postings will be seven days a week, 3 times a day. The Recreation Department will either be going live, posting instructional videos or challenges daily at (10 a.m.) (2 p.m.) and (4 p.m.).

There will also be special events and other programming in addition to those times. Some programs and events will have prizes, awards, trophies, and raffles to go along with them to encourage participation. All programming and information will be posted to our ( page!

As of right now, the Farmington Community Center will remain closed to the public until April 27, at which time we will reassess the situation and consider whether or not we will be reopening to the public at that time.

All normal programming, rentals, and activities have also been canceled until at least April, 27, at which time we will again reassess the situation and make a decision as to when we will resume normal programming and facility use. Our staff will also continue contacting program participants and rental customers to update them on cancellations and refunds.

Finally, the Recreation Department will continue on our mission to “Bring our community alive” for as long as we possibly can. Our sole purpose is to provide leisure services to our citizens, and we will continue to do that until it is no longer possible for us to do so. We are committed to the people of Farmington and we will do our very best to make you proud that we are your Recreation Department. We hope to see you all online!

Matthew L. Foster, CPRP


Parks and Recreation


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