Med-Care Ambulance headquarters in Mexico. Submitted photo

MEXICO — The chief of Med-Care Ambulance is warning people not to be lax just because the River Valley region had not recorded a positive case of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus as of April 7.

“Don’t think for a second that the percentage of testing results is any indication to the risk and the likelihood that that virus is here,” Dean Milligan said. “The virus is migrating to every community.

“People should not judge whether or not when the prevalence of it is based on the test they’re hearing about in their area. People should not let their guard down,” he said.

Milligan said all indications are that the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, is actually working up to its peak over the next couple weeks.

“The message is very clear that everybody should be keeping their distances, using their precautions, limiting their exposure to other people, because the actual people that have been tested for positive are minimal compared to the amount of people out there that are most likely positive,” he said. “They just haven’t been tested yet.”

Milligan said there are a lot of people who have what would fall under the COVID-19 symptoms that get checked out, or go to the hospital and they’re not actually given a test because they don’t meet the criteria to get a test.

He said Med-Care is taking every precaution on all calls.

“Every single patient we come in contact with we apply a surgical mask to them, as long as they don’t have a respiratory issue or something that would create too much anxiety or trouble,” he said.

“We’re finding very positive interactions with people. Very understanding and supportive,” he said.

He thanked those on the frontline.

Med-Care provides emergency medical services for Andover, Byron, Canton Dixfield, Hanover, Mexico, Newry, Peru, Roxbury and Rumford in Oxford County, and Carthage in Frankin County.

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