Norway awarded $2,000 grant for safety cones

NORWAY — Norway Town Manager Dennis Lajoie has announced that the town has been awarded a $2,000 Safety Enhancement Grant by the Maine Municipal Association Workers Compensation Fund.

The award was a joint application effort of the Highway, Parks & Recreation, Fire, Wastewater and Water departments to purchase 100 traffic safety cones. The cones are required safety equipment used to redirect, slow down or stop traffic at road work sites, emergency sites and recreational events that use the roads. They enhance the safety of employees and the public.

The cones also meet MUTCD night time requirements, so are allowed to be used when highway is using the striping machine to mark roads during the night or there is an emergency during those hours.

The Ed MacDonald Safety Enhancement Grants and Scholarship Grants provide financial assistance to members of the MMA Workers Compensation Fund to purchase safety equipment or services to assist in reducing the frequency and severity of workplace injuries.

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