100 Years Ago: 1920

Parking automobiles will be tried out in Union Square, both in single and in double line, according to an announcement today by Chief Field of the police department. “There will be no attempt to force this thing thru,” said Chief Field to the Lewiston Journal, “We will try the experiment for one week, and if we find that it does not work we will abandon it. “Our only purpose in this is to relieve the congestion on Lisbon street. If we find that the conditions are made worse instead of better by our plan, we will not ask the aldermen to draw an ordinance.”

50 Years Ago: 1970

The Androscoggin Sheriff’s Department Sunday night was attempting to determine the ownership of a security box found in a wooded area at Durham According to authorities the box was found by William White of 53 School St, Auburn, who brought it to the sheriffs department office in Auburn. Inside the box was a money order receipt for $40, dated Jan.1, 1968 The box appeared comparatively new, is brown in color and is nine by 14 inches in size and six inches deep.

25 Years Ago: 1995

Volunteer Danville fire fighters assisted the Auburn Fire Department at the site of an oil spill on the Little Androscoggin River Wednesday afternoon. Absorbent pads were used to help stop the slick from spreading into the river behind Florian’s Market on Main Street, officials said. Alice Eastman, who lives in the area, spotted the dark patch of oil and reported it to Auburn police, according to Sgt. Toby Tiner. Auburn firefighters were responding to another call around 3:15 p.m. when the call came in and asked for Danville’s help. Oil was found oozing from a 55-gallon drum which had apparently been sitting by the river for some time. Firefighters wrestled the rusty drum on shore as they struggled to contain the spill. The Department of Environmental Protection was notified of the situation and DEP officials went to the scene. It was unclear Wednesday night what their findings were or where the barrel came from.

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