To the Editor:

As campaigning has changed during the time of the coronavirus, we have witnessed how the candidates running for office have changed their ways of getting their message across to voters.

One candidate who I am very impressed with is Sara Gideon who is running for U.S. Senate. Gideon has hosted several virtual town halls through Zoom and Facebook. This is a great way to talk to Mainers about the issues that are affecting us every day, and most importantly, stay connected during such an uncertain time.

Not only have I been impressed with her new ways of campaigning, but also how vocal she has been about the action she would like to see be taken from the federal government. Gideon’s message about the federal government’s lack of action is well thought out. She explains how their lack of action hurts our ability to test and trace the virus, protect health care workers, and help small businesses. She then proceeds to lay out the action she would like the federal government to take, such as providing states with the proper amount of personal protective equipment, the establishment of widespread testing and contact tracing, and hazard pay for frontline workers.

After seeing Gideon’s approach to this crisis and staying connected to Mainers during this time, I believe she holds the leadership that Mainers are looking for. In addition, I believe she knows the importance of standing up for the people she represents, and will vote to represent them when she is in congress and not for a party or Washington stand. You can vote for her by mail.

Sylvia Ingerson



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