Fayette Central School students received learning packets Monday, May 4. Some students are seen receiving the packets, goodies and produce bags. Teachers followed the bus in their vehicles to let the students know they are missed. Submitted photo

FAYETTE — Monday, May 4, when a second learning packet was delivered to Fayette Central School students several teachers took part.

More than two days were needed to prepare for the delivery and several teachers asked if they could follow along to wave ‘hi’ to their students. From there, it grew into a parade with many decorating their vehicles to let the students know they are being thought of and missed.

A school bus led the procession. It was filled with the packets along with bubbles and candy for each student. Last time, the students received a personalized note from the principal and candy.

After two hours of loading the bus, in order of drop off, the convoy left the school at 8 a.m. sharp. At each student’s home it was stop, get out, pass the packet with a smile and a short conversation. Ms. Jenny, the lunch lady, gave a bag of produce.

At each stop teachers honked horns, yelled kind words and waved. Some waved signs of love and encouragement.

Rachel Littler, whose son Korbin Littler is a fifth grade student in his last year at FCS, said, “Obviously it’s new to us. They have risen to the occasion. Teachers have called several times, see what websites he likes, doesn’t like.

“A couple of times they’ve emailed, made themselves very much available.”

Littler was at work when the packets were delivered. Her daughter videotaped it.

“I thought it was incredibly touching,” she said. “Taking the time to come Monday, decorating their vehicles was extra special. Showing that they are missing the kids was very sweet.”

Molly Williams daughter, Olivia Williams, is a pre-Kindergarten student at the school. She was also at work. Olivia and her two younger siblings were at home with their grandmother.

“Olivia was so excited, she wanted to wait outside Sunday,” Williams said. “She got up Monday and said, ‘Today is the day I see my teacher!’ Olivia made a thank you sign for her teacher. It was Teacher Appreciation Week so she gave out cards she had made.”

Olivia said, “There was a car with a mask on it!”

The school librarian has a Volkswagon bug that she put the mask on, Williams said.

“That was entertaining,” she said.


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