To the Editor:

I have known Ken Morse all my life. Memories of climbing Hawk and Bear mountains one bright winter day together with my older brother come to mind.

Going to watch Ken play football at Gould Academy. I could go on and on.

Ken has always decided what was important and how to make a difference. He has for many, many years been involved trying to insure fresh, healthy food is available through the local co-ops. I remember a trip at 2-3 a.m. to Chelsea Market to buy produce. We brought a large box truck of produce back to Norway and by evening it was headed to all the local co-op groups. Hard to believe he convinced me to do all that.

Growing up on a busy apple orchard in Waterford, my brother learned early on that things needed to be done and just going at the job to get it done always worked best.

Once Ken sees need, he can set a plan in action and convince people to work together to meet that need. He has the ability to listen and organize ideas which will serve him well as a State Representative.

Please vote Ken Morse for State Representative for District 71.

Peter Morse

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