FARMINGTON — The University of Maine at Farmington held a special virtual recognition event for the graduating Class of 2020 on May 9.

“We are so proud of our graduates and all they have achieved this year,” said Edward Serna, UMF president. “They have inspired their families, fellow students and communities with an exceptional level of determination and innovation during these unprecedented times. It is an honor to take this moment to celebrate their personal commitment and singular success in accomplishing their educational goals.”

The social media event to celebrate this year’s 374 outstanding graduates took place on multiple web-based platforms on May 9, the university’s original commencement date for 2020. It can be viewed at

A traditional commencement ceremony will be held on the Farmington campus on Aug. 22.

To connect with UMF on social media visit: Instagram @umainefarmington or Facebook @umainefarmington.

Area University of Maine at Farmington graduates include:

Auburn: Morgan Laferriere, BS, rehabilitation services; Moninda Marube, BS, community health education; Noah Nicholas, BA, business economics; Hope Williams, BFA, creative writing.

Bethel: Cortney Lavorgna, BS, community health education; Mariah Millett, BA, interdisciplinary studies, business psychology;

Bowdoin: Joslynn Couture, BS, secondary education, English.

Bowdoinham: Libby Ouellette, BA, psychology.

Brownfield: Kelsey Dunn, BS, early childhood education.

Brunswick: Adam Bourgeois, BS, secondary education, social studies; Zach Garvey, BA, history; Eli Michaud, BA, biology.

Buckfield: Emily Berry, MS, early childhood education; Maren Lowell, BA, interdisciplinary studies, philosophy/religion; Anna Warren, BS, community health education.

Canton: Anna Morrow, BS, elementary education.

Chesterville: Heather McDonald, BS, special education and psychology; Heidi Richards, BA, biology.

Dixfield: Gavin Arsenault, BS, community health education; Frances MacLeod, BS, rehabilitation services; Lakota Monzo, BS, special education; Riley Robinson, BA, business economics.

Durham: Kasey Erlebach, BS, secondary education – English and English.

Farmington: Rowan Bagley, BFA, creative writing; Jacob Barker, BA, political science and history; Brittany Birmingham, BS, community health education; Sarah Blomerth, BS, secondary education, mathematics; Adrienne Chandler, BA, psychology; Kim Clark, BFA, creative writing; Sarah Cookson-Gillis, BA, anthropology; Ceilya Cooley, BA, interdisciplinary studies, business psychology; Jimmy Creznic, BA, actuarial science; Milo Fitzgerald, BA, interdisciplinary studies, anthropology; Chelsey Frank, BA, biology; Alaina Hanning, BA, psychology; Leah Hardy, BS, community health education; Dawn Harris, BA, interdisciplinary studies: anthropology and performing arts; Zion Hodgkin, BA, visual arts; Micah Howatt, BS, secondary education, science; Paige Ireland, BS, rehabilitation services; Bill Jennings, BFA, creative writing; Angelica Jones, BA, psychology; David Kimmel Jr., BA, political science; Damian Ladd, BA, psychology; Tim Maciel, BA, history; Brianna McGrath, BS, earth and environmental sciences; Emily Murphy, BS, rehabilitation services; Karanda Newbert, BGS, bachelor of general studies; Mary O’Rourke, BS, early childhood education; Anthony Owens, BA, business economics; Morgan Purington, BS, rehabilitation services; Johnathan Russell, BA, political science; Michael Siddall, BA, actuarial science and mathematics; Kayla St. Pierre, BS, community health education; Shanee Stepakoff, BA, English; Zoe Stonetree, BFA, creative writing; Mack Telfer, BS, secondary education, social studies; Jake Waggoner, BA, political science; Leah Waggoner, BA, mathematics; Spencer Wodatch, BS, elementary education; Lucas Worrell, BA, outdoor recreation business administration.

Fayette: Danielle Lambert, MS, early childhood education.

Freeman Township: Makayla Martin, BS, special education.

Greene: Michelle Dunham, MS, educational leadership; Emma Martineau, BS, elementary education; Therese Turmel, BS, secondary education, English.

Harrison: Tegan Bradley, BFA, creative writing; Sam Levasseur, BA, geology.

Hebron: Ian Lejonhud, BS, elementary education; Jake Michaud, BA, English; Andrea Swiedom, BFA, creative writing and English.

Jay: Kelsey Brann, BS, early childhood education; Taylia Brewer, BA, international and global studies; Shae Fortier, BA, outdoor recreation business administration; Katelyn Gervais, BS, early childhood education; Baylee Gilboe, BS, community health education; Bradley Howes, BS, secondary education, social studies; Justin Parlin, BA, computer science; Caryn True, BA, business economics; Thomas Young, BA, political science.

Kingfield: Mike Miller, BA, outdoor recreation business administration; Libby Shanahan, BA, psychology.

Leeds: Hannah Karcher, BS, early childhood education.

Lewiston: Michael Carter, BA, history and political science; Brittany Dorsey, BA, psychology; Asha Hussein, BA, mathematics; Brook James, BA, psychology and anthropology; Alexis Paradis, BA, anthropology; Nicole Pilote, BS, early childhood special education; Sylvia Schulze, BFA, creative writing.

Lisbon: Cody Campbell, BS, secondary education, English; Natalie Thomsen, BA, business economics.

Litchfield: Nicole Ouellette, BS, early childhood education.

Livermore Falls: Alice Engelhardt, BS, community health education; Samantha Slovak, BA, psychology.

Madison: Nicole Hinkel, BS, early childhood education; Chase Malloy, BA, interdisciplinary studies: self-designed, prephysical therapy; Tristen Rich, BA, history; Vanessa Schaeffer, BA, performing arts; Charley Thibodeau, BA, outdoor recreation business administration.

Mexico: Lexi Edwards, BS, early childhood education; Shannon Newcomb, BS, early childhood education; Emily Rowley, MS, educational leadership.

Minot: Laura Hemond, MS, educational leadership; Cody Kostro, BS, earth and environmental sciences; Norma Williams, BS, community health education.

Monmouth: Mikayla Cameron, BS, early childhood education; Shayna Frost, BS, early childhood education.

Mt. Vernon: Lexi Dubé, BA, interdisciplinary studies: philosophy/religion.

New Gloucester: Dana Fadel, MS, educational leadership.

New Portland: Avianna Rafferty, BS, early childhood education.

New Sharon: Justin Evans, BA, outdoor recreation business administration; Ginger Fails, BA, actuarial science and mathematics; Carrie Luce, MS, educational leadership; Ryan Pratt, BA, business economics; Thomas Wing, BS, earth and environmental sciences.

New Vineyard: Gregory Baxter, BA, performing arts.

Norridgewock: Tamera True, BA, biology and psychology.

North Anson: Jerzee Rugh, BA, biology.

Norway: Caleb Grover, BA, business economics; Erika Whitman, BS, early childhood education.

Oxford: McKayla Marois, BA, interdisciplinary studies: self-designed, leadership and creative arts.

Peru: Ashley Savage, BS, elementary education.

Poland: Will Bernier, BS, earth and environmental sciences; Joe Principe, BS, environmental science.

Rangeley: Teena Gusler, MS, educational leadership.

Readfield: Molly MacGregor, BA, interdisciplinary studies: business psychology; Justice Merrill, BS, community health education.

Richmond: Lily Hood, BS, elementary education.

Rome: Julia Dudley, BA, biology.

Rumford: Thomas Danylik, MS, educational leadership; Maria Drew, BS, rehabilitation services; Karen Flaherty, BS, early childhood education; Julianne Petrie, BS, early childhood education; Lindsey White, BS, early childhood education; Kaitlyn York, BS, elementary education.

Sabattus: Katlyn Herbert, BS, early childhood education; Zack Williams, BA, business economics.

Solon: Rachel Layman, BS, early childhood education.

South Paris: Miranda Gould, BA, English.

Strong: Devin Donahue, BS, community health education; Quinn Sharkey, BA, psychology; Sarah Stanley, BA, biology.

Temple: Cassidy Mosher, BA, mathematics.

Topsham: Abby Kellett, BS, early childhood education; Sara Lamb, BS, elementary education.

Turner: Molly McCormick, BS, elementary education; Emily Thibodeau, BS, elementary education; Audrey Varney, BA, interdisciplinary studies: liberal studies.

Vienna: Josiah Chapman, BA, psychology.

Wayne: Wendy Castonguay, BS, community health education.

West Paris: Kimberly Smith, BA, international and global studies.

Wilton: Jacob Allen, BS, community health education; Brandon Cardona, BA, performing arts; Emilee Eustis, BS, community health education; Hailey Grace, BA, psychology; Laurie Hatch, MS, educational leadership; Rich LeBlanc Jr., BS, earth and environmental sciences; Janis Stinson-Pryor, BA, psychology.

Windham: Kyle Joseph, BA, outdoor recreation business administration; Julia Preston, BS, early childhood education; Miranda Richards, BS, early childhood education.

Winthrop: Derek Mclaughlin, BS, community health education.

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