Volunteers from several ATV clubs work on one of two bridges that were unsafe to cross. Photo by Kevin Vachon

Timbers beneath the bridge as well as top boards needed to be replaced. Photo by Kevin Vachon

LIVERMORE — Thanks to some hard working volunteers, the multi-purpose trails in Livermore are now open.

Sunday, May 31, a group of more than a dozen volunteers from several ATV clubs repaired the bridges on the trail from Turkey Lane to Butter Hill Road.

With some work on the part of club members, they hope to reopen the trail from Butter Hill Road to Brettuns Variety, where the store has generously provided a park and ride area in the parking lot on the south side of the store.

Lat year, the trail was shut off by the pastor from Wayside Baptist Church which stopped ATV access to the three businesses, Long Green Variety, Guild’s Country Hardware and Brettuns Variety.

The club has been working with other landowners to regain a trail from the stores to Butter Hill, but for now, please wait until it is signed.

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