One thing I never tire of are beautiful sunsets. Does anybody? I remember hearing someone say that the amount of sunrises and sunsets a person views might tell a lot about them. I would think the AT hikers would agree with that statement. Either way, it certainly doesn’t get old in these parts with so many great vantage points.

Thanks goes to Donna Estes for sharing this moment with The Rangeley Highlander on our Facebook Page with the caption- “Our beautiful 9 mos old granddaughter, Mia and her first trip to Rangeley to see the amazing sunsets!”

Cortney Anderson, Joe Mochi and Mia Mochi from Portland, ME










What a precious moment to capture. I know a lot of people have been hiking and taking advantage of our beautiful area to forget about all of our problems and take pleasure in our natural wonders.  To spend any amount of time here, especially during this time, we certainly are fortunate.

If you have a photo to share feel free to email to [email protected] or of course our Facebook Page.

After 8:30, when the sun sets nowadays, there are those that go straight to the screen. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of the time touching base with family and friends. Everyone wants to check in on one another and see if there is anything they need and how they are holding up. When all of the important stuff is out of the way the question inevitably comes up. So find anything good to watch? I have heard this question I don’t know how many times. However, I did realize that it was nice to hear about shows I might not have come across. After all, it’s nice to look outside your own literal box once in a while…and so I put it out on social media. Here are some of the responses. Thought it might be interesting and to me I definitely found some that I will try out! In my house we have a 5 minute test… If after 5 minutes it doesn’t intrigue me in some way, we move on…

I have put the name of the suggester in parenthesis next to each suggestion. Thanks to all who responded!

•Schitt’s Creek – streaming on Netflix (Abigail Thompson)

•Old school tv…Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer on Amazon Prime! (Deb Legere Ladd)

•On Mondays the Voice on NBC, Tuesdays, This is Us on NBC, Wed. Comedy night on ABC, Thursday Greys Anatomy and Friday Last Man Standing on Fox 23. I do like HGTV’s Fixer Upper too! (Lisa Rogowski Symes)

•Twilight zone visits Rangeley (*Francesco DellaValle) *there’s always one clown in the group…

•With the lack of sports, I found the ACL on ESPN Saturday.
What is ACL you ask? American Cornhole League. That was exciting TV!!! (Carleton W Symes)

•A movie. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.(Jim Parkinson)

•In the Tall Grass!!! And I’ve heard Husk is really good! Both on Netflix (Sophie Chu-O’Neil)

•Classics: Like Now Voyager, Dark Victory, both Bette Davis movies. My Reputation w/ Barbara Synwyk. (Paul Schnall)

•Jamestown series (Heather Targett Reed)

•Shameless, Shitts Creek for TV shows and Mud is a movie I recently found and really liked! (Deb Heroux)

•Upload, Last Kingdom and Modern Love – Amazon Prime (Liz Sharpe)

•Dead to Me on Netflix and Schitts Creek!! (Diane Pedroza)

•Community on Netflix- stay with it . . . keeps getting better (Carol Monsees)

FEEL FREE to send me your suggestions at [email protected]




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