Defund the police? Someone’s breaking into my home. Let’s see, who do I call?

The school board, the mayor?

Does anyone even truly consider this?

Let’s think about our public school system. No God, no Pledge of Allegiance, no morals, no respect for authority, only political correctness.

The Left and most Democrats believe only their opinion can be heard. They would do away with American history, our forefathers’ monuments, documents, the Constitution, the flag itself. And no more history without revision.

So, if you are a Christian, a believer of anything good in this country, love the flag and patriotism, you are called a racist.

George Floyd was murdered by a police officer. The law and justice must be done. Racism does not excuse looting, rioting, burning a church, destroying cities and businesses — many owned by Black people.

Anarchy will serve no one. What do you bet they try to defund and disarm the military next.

Oh, wait. Obama and the Democrats already did that in the last presidency.

Brenda Bussiere, Turner

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