* Why does our government need to have two or more parties? All they do is argue against each other instead of working together to make our country what it could be. It’s breaking families and friends apart.

* “Pay for favors” by lobbyists should be forbidden. They approach our elected politicians in Washington offering them exorbitant payoffs in exchange for votes, etc. How do these politicians go from ordinary working folks like us to multi-millionaires or billionaires in only a few years? They spend millions campaigning to win elections. This is where lobbyists come in, after which favors are collected. Example: Check out Joe Biden’s son’s lucrative business with the Chinese.

* Term Limits: This has been mentioned many times, however, guess who votes on term limits? Does this seem right?

* Voting by mail is being considered. This should be very concerning to all voters. It opens the door to countless ways of manipulating the outcome of voting. Using COVID-19 as an excuse is no excuse. If thousands can stand in line to get into Walmart, they can do the same to go vote at the polls. Also, legal photo IDs should be required to vote.

Joan Villani, Lewiston

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