100 Years Ago: 1920

The Lewiston YWCA participated in the pageant given by the YWCA in Lincoln Park, Portland, Wednesday, under direction of Miss Betizner of New York. The pageant, representing Maine, invited the Blue Triangle to play with her. Lewiston’s contribution was an artistic dance, “Hungarian Rhapsody,” by Terry Love, Mrs. Frances Turgeon Wiggin furnished the music, and Miss Gertrude Fossett also assisted.

50 Years Ago: 1970

(From a Sun Journal photo)

Mrs. John Cole, and Mrs. Donald Hinckley, both of Lewiston, compare articles to be displayed in the forthcoming Sesquicentennial Exhibition, “Textiles in Maine, 1820-1970” at the Bates College Treat Gallery beginning July 12. Mrs. Cole holds a quilted petticoat from the Peggy Westerfield collection while Mrs. Hinckley. has a purple and white coverlet from the Sylvia Smith collection. On the floor is a hooked rug made in Presque Isle by Miss Ella Hines, who used her fiance’s Civil War uniform. He was Albion W. Stratton, of Washburn, who served with the 16th Maine Regiment, and married Miss Hines on his return home. The Textile exhibit is sponsored by Bates College and the Lewiston-Auburn Arts Council aided by a grant from the Maine State Commission on the Arts and the Humanities.

25 Years Ago: 1995

U.S. Rep. John Baldacci is making a name for himself in Washington for his policy of turning down all gifts from lobbyists- no matter how small. Even a coffee mug. It all started last January when the freshman from Maine announced that he would comply voluntarily with a bill that he cosponsored that would bar lawmakers from accepting gifts from lobbyists. True to his word, he has turned down free trips to Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and North Carolina. He rejected a pair of tickets to the Baltimore Orioles and four NHL tickets.

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