AUBURN – Kelly Lee Burns left this mortal coil on Dec. 23, 2019. She was about 3 months shy of 61 years old.Kelly was born on March 6, 1959 to Deborah (Bragg) Burns and (Richard)Paul Burns in Bath Memorial Hospital in Bath, Maine. She was the first born child of her parents union, they subsequently added two brothers to the family a few years later; Kevin Paul who survives, and Kyle Robert, who passed away from CIDS at about a year old.After her parents divorced and each remarried, Kelly acquired more siblings from both sides, two more sisters from her mothers second marriage, Holly(Gessner) and Jennifer (Berube), and two more sisters and a brother from her fathers second marriage, Teri (Huntington) Jeffrey Burns and Sheri (Bryant). All Kelly’s sibling survive her.Kelly is also survived by both her parents, her dad is now 87, and her Mom is closing in on 80. By all accounts Kelly was a happy child, doted on by her grandparents, and barely tolerated by her next youngest brother. She was smart and creative, an excellent writer in school and well liked by her teachers. She was a 1977 graduate of Mt. Ararat high school. Kelly was a true Maine girl, and proud of her Scottish heritage. She was frugal with herself, but generous with her love and support for her friends and causes she believed in, like the Cancer Society. It was no secret that Kelly was a HUGE Patriots fan, and also a Celtics fan, but for some weird reason she liked the Detroit Tigers baseball team…go figure. She was known by her co-workers as a bigger than life personality with a great big laugh and a free hugger. Many said she was a sympathetic ear who would listen and try to help find the positive in whatever situation they were sharing.Kelly was also a very private person who spoke little of her private life unless she knew you extremely well. She’d probably say I’ve told you too much already.A recently diagnosed heart condition is what ended Kelly’s life prematurely. Gone too soon is an understatement. Covid 19 has changed a lot of plans folks had for 2020, weddings have been cancelled, graduations modified, and even celebrations of life have been put on hold. It is her family’s intent to have a simple gathering at some point towards the end of the summer when restrictions have been relaxed to the point where people feel comfortable being together again. We will try to make announcements via her HR office at her work and through social media so that hopefully everyone who would like to attend can do so.I imagine she might say in closing, be kind to one another, and take care of yourself. Don’t ignore health concerns until it’s too late.

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