Mother fox keeping an eye on her kits. Photo by Lillian Lake

A fox kit, relaxing. Photo by Lillian Lake

Brave fox kit, checking out the surroundings. Photo by Lillian Lake

This morning, I decided to drink my coffee outside. A quiet, fog had settled on the mountains and in the fields. Scenes like that are irresistible. Even though hidden by the mist, I could hear the cows munching in the pasture. I set my coffee down on the post and rail fence and snapped a few photos. The resident, mischievous, red squirrel likes to pose. He’s generally quite dramatic, and this morning was no exception.

Although I couldn’t capture them well with my camera, the spider webs were glorious with the fog as their backdrop. The intricate patterns, dangling in the subdued morning light, glistened with dew as they clung between hanging flower pots and fence posts.

A mourning dove flew up and perched in front of me and looked as startled as I to see me. As I lifted my camera, she quickly flew away. Perhaps, she hadn’t had her coffee yet and wasn’t ready to socialize. I know how that is.

In between shots with the lens, I had been drinking my coffee, so at this point, I needed more coffee (not surprised, right?). When I came back out with my refilled mug, l stepped into a flock of blackbirds! They rose dramatically and flew off. I’ve never seen them this close. Maybe our resident fox family told them the Lake resort was a happening spot – just drop in. The lady of the house won’t mind. Their noise as they flew away made such a racket the Devil himself I’m sure heard and arose to find out what was going on! Our little backyard chipmunk took off in leaps and bounds. The squirrel determinedly remained, furiously expressing his displeasure; I’m sure it’s good that l don’t know what he was saying.

I stepped off the deck, anticipating more surprises, in the bordering landscape of pines and poplar. Although, by now, nothing would have surprised me.

With cup and phone in hand, I strolled back to the house, stopping for a moment to pick the suckers off the tomato plants. Sometimes morning coffee time is nature’s adventure time.

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