OXFORD — With just two months to go, organizers continue to avoid cancelling the Oxford County Fair outright. The Board is scheduled to meet on August 3. If Governor Janet Mills eases restrictions on social gathering maximums by then, fair organizers are hopeful that they will hold some type of event.

The Oxford County Fair is one of just three fairs in the state that has not already cancelled for the year. The New Portland Lions Fair will make a decision this week and expects to call it off, according to organizer Cecil Wilson. The Springfield Fair takes place in eastern Penobscot county and officials were unable to comment.

“If we are able to hold it, it will totally different than what we’ve ever done,” said Oxford’s Exhibition Hall Coordinator Gail Trundy.

“The halls might not even be open if we do,” added Oxford Fair Vice President James Trundy. “It would be very difficult to social distance and manage how people move through.”

A mural featuring farm animals and produce adorns a building at the Oxford County Fairground on Pottle Road in Oxford. File photo

James Trundy said that applications for different competitions and exhibitions are posted online but to date they have not received any completed forms from participants. The Trundys expect that some type of 4 H beef exhibit will be held but the capacity of that will not be determined until next month.


“We have 10-11 kids in Oxford county in the 4 H beef group,” Gail Trundy said. “We want to support the kids so on that Thursday that we normally open, they will have a chance to show their animals and we will hold an auction on Friday for them.”

Oxford Fair President Jackie Young said they have not decided what the youth show will look like.

“It may be that judges go out to the view  the animals, take pictures, and judge virtually,” Young said.

Smokey’s Greater Shows is responsible for coordinating all but one food vendor at the Oxford Fair. Gail Trundy said that no food trucks local to Oxford Hills have worked the fair recently. But the Maine Fair Association is supporting Maine-based food vendors through its online newsletter.

The food sellers are highlighted in the newsletter, including any dates and locations that each has been able to hold for the season as well as where they operate out of and their set-up plans.

At least two well-known food vendors, Mr. & Mrs. Sausage and Homemade Apple Crisp & Baked Stuffed Potatoes, can be found set up to serve at the Information Center on Bridge Street in Rumford.

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