The Greenwood Town Beach has seen a notable increase in visitors this summer compared to other years, town officials send at Tuesdays meeting. Bethel Citizen photo by Samuel Wheeler

GREENWOOD — At their July 21 meeting, Greenwood selectmen discussed having resident Al Lake make occasional stops at the Greenwood Town Beach (located on Greenwood Road) to check the residency status of beach goers.

Lake offered to make the occasional visits. He would check to make sure people using the beach were taxpaying residents and to remind people that the beach is for Greenwood taxpayers only.

Resident Ken Cole said this past weekend he saw license plates from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and many from Massachusetts. Cole also said that he only saw two cars with Maine plates.

Select Woman Amy Chapman said there’s a sign at the beach informing people that it is for town taxpayers only.

Chapman asked if people staying in an airbnb, who’s host pays taxes, are allowed to use the beach.

Sparks said those people would be allowed to use it.

Chapman suggested that Lake have more guidance before making any stops at the beach. She also said that any person renting in town should be able to use the beach.

Town Manager Kim Sparks said several residents told her last week that they have had to post their properties so people do not park on them. People had been parking on both sides of the road.

The town has not had too many issues with parking at the beach in the past, but officials noted that the beach is being used more frequently than previous years.

July 7

At their July 7 meeting, selectmen approved having a donation box set up near the local boat launch off Howe Hill Road. The box will be for upkeep to the boat landing area and porta potty.

Selectmen also decided to present the Boston Cane, awarded to a towns oldest citizen, to Eleanor DeNormandie, who is 95 years-old.



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