Selectman Neil Scanlon (far right), who was elected to the board last week, looks on at Town Manager Loretta Powers (second to last on left) who had just finished answering a question from a resident. Bethel Citizen photo by Samuel Wheeler

BETHEL β€” Bethel residents approved all 32 articles on the town warrant in about 45 minutes at last weeks annual town meeting.

Fifty-six people turned out for the meeting, according to Town Manager Loretta Powers.

The town voted to ratify the actions of estimated overdrafts in the FY 2020 budget. There was only one overdraft of $30,000 in solid waste.

Powers said the prices to dispose of solid waste, construction debris and metals have all increased. Powers said she does not expect prices to go down in the following year.

Article 25, asking residents to raise and appropriate for the operation of fountain, park and cemetery, was passed by voters. Only 13,760 was asked to be raised, compared to $26,760 last year. Powers said the large decrease is because they had $10,000 for the pathway and $3,000 for the skate park included in last year’s budget.

Residents approved $806,374 for capital improvements, down from $1,100,626 a year ago.

Two sections of the Intervale road will both receive over a mile of paving, a section of Chandler Hill will get close to a mile of paving, Elm Street will get a a little more than a third of a mile of paving and High street will have a small section paved.

Chapman Street will also be paved again. Although it was paved last year, Powers said another coat will have to put on. The expected cost is $42,000.

Powers announced that residents Don and Cheryl Bennett will be receiving the Spirit of America Award, given to citizen/citizens who have displayed exceptional devotion to their community.

β€œThe things we did were always done out of caring for and because of the people around us. This made it easy to try and give back a bit of ourselves as a gesture of appreciation and the belief that we must all participate locally when we can to ensure that our town remains what it has always been; a great place to live and raise our family,” Don and Cheryl said in a letter.

Both Don and Cheryl were not at the meeting.

Resident Dutch Dresser moderated the meeting.


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