Rangeley Newmyer

Rangeley Newmyer, whose first summer in Oquossoc began in 2007 when she was two weeks old, has launched a Generation Gratitude website to help families teach their kids about civic and voter participation.

Her interest in the subject began with her editorial that was printed in the Highlander several months ago.  She notes that all of her classmates can name multiple rappers and TikTok stars, but very few can name any members of the Supreme Court or know who represents their home area in Congress.  Positive response to the editorial led her to develop the website, available at gengratitude.org.

One part of the website, for Patriot Parents (and grandparents), has links to basic information about American history and government so that kids can pass the civics test that immigrants must take to gain citizenship.  The site also offers Generation Gratitude and Patriot Parent plastic bracelets.

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