When we heard the term “social distancing” as one of the solutions to COVID-19, my daughter, a Florida kindergarten teacher, asked “How will I be able to lead my class to lunch or PE and keep them six feet apart?”

My reply to her went something like this: “Now is the time to call upon the colleges and universities. Request the senior class of would-be teachers begin their internships.”

This thought was echoed by Theresa Vargas of The Washington Post (Sun Journal, July 19). She had read my mind. She voiced some of my other concerns as well.

Paul Liebow (Sun Journal guest column, July 26) wrote, “A huge network will need to be recruited and trained in class and online. Retired teachers and other adults will be first in line, but volunteers could be students or adults . . . “.

My sentiments exactly.

While volunteering in my daughter’s classroom, I often “brought up the rear” of the lunchroom trek. As well as to PE, music, art and computer lab. I’ve held many hands while counting our steps.

In closing, I ask: How will a teacher, who needs an extra pair of hands, open 10 milk cartons? How will she, with no eyes in the back of her head, know little hands are washed every time it’s necessary? How will she observe? Test? Teach? How will she do this with no handson? While wearing her mask? While keeping students six feet apart?

Linda-Lee Desmarais, Turner

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