To the Editor:

C.S. Lewis once said that God whispers to us in our joys and pleasures, speaks to us in our consciences and shouts at us in our sufferings. We as a nation are suffering now and I believe God is shouting at us to trust in Him on this national election.

Our strong and robust nation and vibrant economy was blindsided by a vicious Corona Virus that crippled us as a nation, put our health care facilities in peril and tragically killed hundreds of thousands of our citizens. The very nature of this virus keeps us guessing as to what to do next and no one can tell us the best way to combat it, we can only do our best.

Our medical experts and administration combat this virus daily, yet businesses and jobs are locked down still and life may not get back to normal until we have a vaccine.

Let us trust in God that we are not blindsided a second time by this virus by allowing the circumstances of it to cloud our thinking and judgement on the national election. The country just prior to the virus was very strong, we had the highest ever in all categories of employment, blacks, Hispanics and teenagers and women. Our economy was roaring and we were never stronger on the world stage.

May we vote for the economy and the administration we had just prior to the virus and win back our nation as it was before.

Peter Pinette

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