VIENNA — There are 17 towns in the USA called Vienna. Jasmin Al-Kattib and Richard Kromp of Vienna, Austria, decided to travel to the USA and visit some of those Viennas. In the summer of 2017, they started their journey in Vienna, Maine. They met with the Vienna Historical Society for lunch, they were guided around town to see various buildings and also interviewed several people in town.

The filmmakers started filming the people and places as they traveled to nine towns with the name Vienna. The movie, “American Vienna,” a slice of American culture that starts in Vienna, Maine, is available to watch now through Sunday, Aug. 30. At 3 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30, Al-Kattib and/or Kromp will join those interested in a Zoom session to talk about the movie and its making.

The pair have offered the film to the Vienna Union Hall to use as a fundraiser. Because of COVID-19 the Union Hall has been unable to hold performances this summer, resulting in no income to maintain the building and pay the utilities.

Those who make a donation to the Union Hall will be given the password to watch the 90-minute movie on Vimeo through Sunday, Aug. 30. Donations can be any amount and can be made through the Union Hall website, (paypal); by check calling 207-248-7699 for mailing information; or emailing for information and a link to the website.

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