In his usual destructive manner, Trump is setting things up to ensure a flawed election. He doesn’t want to be the only one to lose. His actions regarding essential funding for the U.S. Postal Service are designed to set things up for failure to deliver. As president he should be doing all he can to ensure all who wish to vote, be able. This is a totally un-American, mean-spirited move.

I mail greeting cards monthly and, of course, allow time to reach receiver. Last month I sent a card to Michigan three days before the event, and it usually gets there in time. It was received three days after the event, given that it took seven days to get there. This is nowhere near our customary service.

That said, I submit that voting by mail may well have time issues. I don’t believe this is a local issue, but from distances could well be an issue. Along with pandemic issues, our snowbirds could be impacted.

I would submit this plan to ensure a successful mail-in election: I suggest that a cushion be created delaying the arrival of ballots to their destinations, up to 10 to 15 days after Election Day provided the ballot is/has been postmarked no later than Election Day. This would help ensure ballots getting through political obstructions. A count delay would be a small price to pay for a valid election.

This might need action by the governor and/or Legislature, but I feel this would/should be a no brainer

Marc A. Jalbert, Lewiston

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