REGION — School starts September 9, 2020. Below are this year’s bus routes for the 2020-2021 school year.


Bus 86 – run starts 6:04 a.m. From Irish Neighborhood Rd. Vernon St. to Picnic Hill Rd at 6:21, Wardwell 6:27, Rt 5 at 6:42 to Patty Brook Rd at 6:48, to Rte 5 to Grover Hill Rd at 7:03, to Meadowbrook Bridge Rd at 7:15, to Grover Hill Rd at 7:18, to CPS 7:30 THS 7:35


Andover Bus 5 –Pickups start at Gordie Howe’s Store at 7:05, to Mayville Rd at 7:23, Bethel, CPS at 7:29 and THS at 7:36.


Bus 6 – run starts 6:40 a.m. from Bus Garage. Main St to Vernon St. to Irish Neighborhood Rd 6:48, Irish Neighborhood to Paradise at 6:57, Mason/Chapman Sts. at 7:10, THS 7:28 CPS 7:42.

Bus 09 – starts 6:25 am from Bus Garage. Intervale Rd to Osgood Rd at 6:31, to Rumford Town Line at 6:54, East Bethel Road at 6:58, to Locke Mills 7:16, THS 7:30 CPS 7:35.


Bus 11 – run starts 6:37 a.m. from Bus Garage. Flat Rd at 6:44, Flat Rd to Smith Farm Rd at 6:48, Liberty Lane at 6:54, Mountain View Circle Barker Rd.7:01, back to to Rt.2, Railroad St. to Main St at 7:22, THS/TMS at 7:28 then CPS at 7:36.


Bus 16 – run starts 6:28 a.m. from Bus Garage. Rt. 2 west, Bog Rd., Gilead, West on North Rd. at 7:01, East on North Rd, Ellingwood Mtn. Rd. at 7:16, Mayville Rd at 7:22, Church St., CPS at 7:32, to TMS/THS at 7:38.


Bus 14 – run starts 6:33 a.m. from Bus Garage. Route 26, Howe Hill Rd at 6:41, Howe Hill and Main St at 6:55 Acorn Drive at 6:57, Gore Rd 7:03, Route 232 at 7:10, turning at Buck Rd at 7:16, Rumford Ave., WES 7:24, THS/TMS 7:35, CPS 7:41.

*Woodstock and CPS Elementary students will ride this bus.


Bus 28 – run starts 7:45 a.m. from Bus Garage, Branch Rd. 8:04, Lone Pine Rd. 8:11, Rt.2, Cross St at 8:41, CPS at 8:48, THS at 9:00.


Bus 2– run starts 6:07 a.m. from Locke Mills. Greenwood Rd, Hayes Hill Rd at 6:24, to Richardson Hollow Rd. 6:30, Yates Rd at 6:41, Kangas Rd at 6:45,Old County Rd, Church 7:06, S. Main St, Rte 232, Rumford Ave. to WES at 7:20 to drop WES students and get TMS/THS students from Bus 16, then on to TMS/THS at 7:35.


Bus 28 – run begins 6:18 a.m. from Bus Garage, Rt. 26, to Andrews Rd. at 6:38 Koskela Rd, Harbor Rd. at 6:52, to Perkins Valley, at 7:00, Cushman Rd, Route 26, Rt. 232, Rumford Ave. to WES at 7:18.

Bus 7 – run starts 6:18 a.m. from Bryant Pond Baptist Church.

Route 26 South, Curtis Hill 6:26, Route 26, South Main, Birch Street, Rowe Hill 6:47, East Twitchell Pond Rd at 6:53, Railroad St., North Main 7:01, Lakeside Dr, 7:04, Rumford Avenue, WES 7:20.

Bus capacity protocols: 1 student per seat, leaving the seat directly behind the driver empty. Siblings will sit together. All students will wear a mask. For further information, view the Student-Parent Handbook on the district website.

Region 9 Run: Leaves THS at 7:40. Rt. 26 to East Bethel Rd, to Intervale Rd, to Rt. 232, to Rt. 2, to Rt. 108 to Rt. 2. To Region 9 at 8:40.

Late Runs:

Woodstock: 5:00 Departure from Telstar Rt 26 south, to Old County Rd, to West Paris Village, to Rt. 26 North, to Woodstock School.

Bethel: 5:00 Departure from Telstar. Main St. to Church St, to Rt. 2 North to Flat Rd, to Rt. 26 to Hanover, Intervale Rd, East Bethel Rd to Rt. 26. Return To Bethel.

The late run start time will vary throughout the school year.

Please note:

Woodstock THS/TMS town students will meet Bus 14 at the Bryant Pond Post Office.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, bus pick up times may vary from the scheduled times.

Except as noted, start times are from the Transportation Facility in Bethel.

For more information call the Transportation Department at 824-2471 or e-mail: [email protected], or [email protected]

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