100 Years Ago: 1920

The employees of the Darling Automobile Company and the Reo Service Company held an outing Wednesday at the farm of V.S. Darling. The party numbered about 45. The first event on the program was a ball game, a close game, the Reo Service Company beat the Darling Automobile company 7 to 5. During the afternoon a good part of the company took a trip to Taylor Pond for a swim. After a supper of steamed clams and corn, singing to piano accompaniment followed, as well as dancing. Last of all came the fireworks, set under the direction of B.F. Wells.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Richard Osgood, a member of the Edward Little High School coaching staff who served as Manager of the Auburn Aces, will address a gathering at the St. Louis Booster Club Sports tonight. He will speak at 6:30 following dinner to be served in the parish hall, at which its champion Little League players and top scoring hockey players will be honored guests.

25 Years Ago: 1995

When area residents hear the name Dot Sanchas, they often associate it with Santa’s Helpers, one of Sanchas’ pet projects. Sanchas has devoted a significant amount of time to her year-round shed, which she has called a “Sharing Shed.” Located behind her large Victorian house, the shed is open seven days a week: “The whole idea is sharing. If people have something to share, they bring it to the garage. If people have a need, they can come and get it. And the funny thing is, those same people are the ones who bring something to share the next time, when they have something extra,” Sanchas said.

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