To the Editor:

Jared Golden, stands out in this election for a lot of reasons. He’s followed in the footsteps of many veterans who dedicated themselves to work for our country. As a first term Congressman, he’s done an amazing amount of work. He’s sought to expand access to affordable healthcare, cover preexisting conditions, and lower prescription drug costs. In addition, he’s worked to protect Social Security and Medicare.

He supported Maine’s labor force including lobstermen, ship workers and loggers, and worked to save the postal service, maintain the postal service and protect the environment. He’s helped veterans, and military widows.

He promoted democracy by co-sponsoring comprehensive election reform and anti-corruption legislation that would increase ethics rules, decrease dark money in politics, expand voting rights, and limit partisan gerrymandering. He wants Congress to work together, a theme that has been missing there. He’s the kind of representative we need to vote for in November.

Sylvia Ingerson


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