People just want to live their lives in peace. That is what was expressed to me by Laurel Libby, District 64 candidate for state representative.

I agree.

I want peaceful enjoyment of my property, authority to make my own decisions about my health and well-being, and to operate my business without undo governmental interference.

For my part, I’ll take personal responsibility for the outcomes of my decisions, be a good neighbor and pay my taxes. I believe others feel the same way and want their voices heard.

Mainers are being legislated and taxed beyond what is reasonable. It’s way past time to elect someone who understands our need for freedom and liberty.

Laurel, a native Mainer like myself, understands the struggles we face while raising our families and contributing to our communities. Laurel is a woman of hard work, common sense, and love of country. She seeks to represent us, not control us.

I will vote for Laurel Libby.

Beth Bell, Auburn

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