Coach: Gretchen Curtis (14th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 11-7-0 (lost in Class C North semifinals)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kailey Hackett, Alexa Perrault, Page Lueders, Taylor Bryant, Lizzie White; Juniors — Allie Dyke, Abby Stevens, Alyvia Perrault, Megan Fletcher; Sophomores — Alyvia Ellis, Jayce Brophy, Grace Robbins, Morgan Woods, Kallie Errington, Kara Woods.
Key loss: Grace Timberlake.
Promising newcomers: Libbie Errington, Kiera Kelley, Kathryn Callender, Jaycie Holmquist, Amber Smith.
What to expect: The Cougars have most of their nucleus returning from last year’s MVC runner-up, led by all-conference first-teamer Hackett and second-teamers Lueders and Alexa Perrault.


Coach: Kim Joler (third year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 2-11-1
Returning athletes: Seniors — Courtney Larson (M), Emma Samson (B), Hannah Smith (F), Ema Lamontagne (F), Sara Maines (B), Maizy Demers (B), Elise Syphers (GK); Juniors — Caroline Audette (M), Megan Lachance (F), Charlotte Levasseur (F).
Key losses: Jordan Cummings, Miranda Chadbourne, Rebecca Raby, Anna LeBlanc.
Promising newcomers: Helena Moon, Leah Thibodeau, Micah Joler, Amanda Raymond, Gabby Duplissis.
What to expect: After a tough 2019 season, the Red Eddies are determined to creating a strong force on the field. They continue to have a talented backfield in front of Syphers in the goal cage. While making their health and the health of others a priority during the pandemic, they’ve shown outstanding commitment to the team, which should only help them further their goals on the field.


Coach: Christa Roddy (sixth year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 5-9-0
Returning athletes: Seniors — Tiffany Ha (F), Mack Baston (GK), Kassidy Plummer (B), Zoe Barnes (F); Juniors — Sydney Pelletier (M), Cady Kluck (F).
Key losses: Madelyn Cote, Jasmine French, Trizzie Ha.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Brianna Fairweather, Olivia Knudsen.
What to expect: The Patriots return a small core of varsity starters and will look for the newcomers to fill key roles. The team will look to build on prior seasons’ strengths and seek growth in deficient areas while continuing to build skill and game knowledge.



Coach: Wanda Ward-MacLean (37th year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 8-7-0 (lost in Class B South quarterfinals)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Ginny Twitchell (B/M), Abby Prosser (B); Juniors — Paige DeMascio (GK), Ava Gagnon (F), Cara Jordan (B), Keriah Marston (M), Eve Martineault (M/B), Cadence McDowell (B/M), Megan Nason (B), Daisy Twitchell (B), Sophia Visconti (B/M); Sophomores — Cierra Barker (F), Anna Sargent (F).
Key loss: Kayla Leclerc.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Kaylee Bellmore, Courtney Cabral, Caitlin Hunnefield; Sophomores — Jazzlyn Clark, Grace Gonyea, Ally Langlois, Kylinn Marquis, Ava McKinley, Ava Pratt, Autumn Rowe; Freshman — Emma Beedy.
What to expect: The Hornets will sprinkle in the newcomers with a largely intact veteran nucleus in hopes of building off last year and becoming a solid all-around team. The uncertainties of the season include a number of unfamiliar opponents (and shorter bus rides), and player health and availability. But if they stay healthy, the Hornets should be ready for any challenge.


Coach: Jenessa Talarico (first year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 4-10-1 (lost in Class A North preliminary round)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emma Begin (F), Kate Bilodeau (F), Abby Chartier (F), Adia Coulombe (D), Charlotte Gastonguay (F); Juniors — Alexis Freeman (F), Ahna Dostie (M), Kelsey Westleigh (M); Sophomore — Kimberly McLaughlin (GK).
Key losses: Caroline LaPerriere, Ryan Belanger.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Jayden Blais (M), Haley Jackson (F); Freshmen — Gabby Thomas (D), Alyssa Tremblay (M).
What to expect: Talarico, a Lewiston alumnus, assumes the helm of a team that last year reached the playoffs for the first time since 2012, her sophomore year. She has virtually the entire cast back and hopes that experience can lead to a breakout season for the Blue Devils.


Coach: Julie Petrie (10th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 3-12-0 (lost in Class C South quarterfinals)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emma Willey (D/M), Megan Libby (D), Natalie Scott (F); Junior — Amelia Mooney (F); Sophomores — Haley Tuplin (M/F), Maria Levesque (GK), Maddy Tuplin (M/D), Laura Mockler (M), Hannah Schreiber (D), Elle Picard (F/M), Loreesa Potvin (F), Emily Libby (F).
Key losses: Becky Budesheim, Timber Mattson, Sadie Hardt.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Alexia Barnes (M/F); Freshmen — Kayla Cooper (F), Capella Russo (M), Jade Connor (D).
What to expect: The Greyhounds are young but have a good deal of experience led by a group of key defensive seniors. Petrie likes the groups work ethic, willingness to learn and focus on improving their skills throughout the season.



Coach: Melissa Forbes (23rd year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 13-3-0 (lost in Class C North semifinals)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Rylee Sevigny (F), Alexis Baltrus (B); Juniors — Autumn Freeman (M), Alana Young (M), Taylor Duguay (F), Lauren Pepin (B), Nora Tag (GK); Sophomores — Tanna Gammon (B).
Key losses: Avery Sevigny, Cloey Ledesma, Abby Gauvin.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Gracie Farnum; Sophomores — Alyvia Knox, Kylie Robin; Freshmen —Mallory Bourett, Brielle Flynn .
What to expect: After a successful 2019, the Falcons are looking to remain competitive in 2020. They have a strong core of returning players  and will be looking for the newcomers to fill some key roles.


Coach: Betsy Gilbert (15th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 10-6-0
Returning athletes: Seniors — Adelle Surette (M), Sophie Childs (D), Mikaya Culp (D), Kiara Levesque (GK), Nat Moody (GK); Juniors — Brianna Dumais (M), Amanda Beaule (D), Julia Lane (D), Olivia Staggs (M), Cassie Stekino (F); Sophomores — Julie Mooney (F), Kelsey Young (D), Chloe Fournier (D), Lilly Couburn (M).
Key losses: Angela Strout, Desirae Dumais.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Lexi Pelkey, Sierra Lane.
What to expect: The Raiders have tweaked some things defensively to be more balanced and are counting on their passion, heart and effort to make up for the depth they lack. Surette, an MVC all-star last year, Childs and Moody have elevated their games from 2019. Dumais and Staggs lead the midfield attack, while Julia Lane will anchor the defense.


Coach: Cindy Goddard (33rd year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 9-5-1 (lost in Class A North quarterfinals)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Zanae Brown (F), Olivia Gallan (B), Molly Littlefield (B), Olivia Orlando (F), Stella Shaw (B); Junior — Maranda Austin (GK); Sophomores — Sierra Carson (F), Molly Corbett (M), Bree Heikkinen (M), Allison Slicer (M).
Key losses: Kate Bowen, Brooke Carson, Madison Day, Shaelyn Hanscom, Lauren Merrill, Megan Godbout, Maggie Hartnett, Kori Kahkonen, Jade Smedberg, Mackenzie Truman.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Elizabeth Dunn (B), Ashley Campbell (F); Sophomores — Carlee-Mae Cash (M), Allegra Meagher (F); Freshmen — Brynn Bean (F), Tristen Derenburger (F), Gabrielle Wight (GK).
What to expect: The Vikings graduated a large and talented senior class but the expectations from Goddard haven’t changed — play hard start to finish, respect their opponents and, especially in 2020, be thankful for the opportunity to play the game of field hockey.



Coach: Mara Balboni (third year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 6-8-1 (lost in Class B South quarterfinals)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Sophie Patenaude, Emma Kilton; Sophomores — Breah Beaucage, Abby Bsullak, Emma Moreau.
Key losses: Faith Davis, Olivia Bell, Ashton Sturtevant.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Sydney Lacombe, Cassidy Lessard, Marleigh Levesque, Khloe O’Leary, Cadence Peters, Bri Vellila.
What to expect: The Knights have to fill the void left by a large graduating class, with just two seniors and a group of sophomores and freshmen poised to step in. The younger players are eager to earn varsity minutes, and Balboni is impressed with how coachable and hard-working the group continues to be.


Coach: Abigail Bowie (second year)
Conference: WMC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 12-5-0 (lost in Class C South final)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Anna Cote (M), Autumn Clark (D), Sydney Stebbins (GK); Juniors — Julianne Cook (F), Bella Perryman (F), Bryana Archer (D), Kathleen Dean (D), Pilar Hewey (GK), Eleanor Russell (M); Sophomores — Ava Apodaca (D), Abbie Mitchell (F), Isabella Pelletier (F), Emma Daiglesh (GK).
Key losses: Mia-Angelina Leslie, Avery Green, Skye Rogers, Simone Long.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Taryn Cloutier (F); Freshmen — Lauren Fletcher (F), Georgie Davidson (D).
What to expect: The Saints expect to remain competitive after a deep playoff run in 2019 and despite graduating four key contributors who helped them to the Class C final four last year.


Coach: Katie Trask (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 10-5 (lost in Class C North quarterfinals)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Hanni Johnson (M), Auriana Armandi (F), Megan Brown (M), Alicia Bridges (GK); Juniors — Ella Plourde (F), Jayden Achorn (M); Sophomores — Paris Howes (F), Madelyn Castonguay (B), Kaila Godbey (F), Abi Adams (F), Ryleigh Castonguay (M), Mariyah Fournier (M), Lanie Walton (B), Caitlyn Brown (B).
Key losses: Emily Castonguay, Karissa Ritter, Ashley Campbell, Jenna Martin, Kayla Adams, Melissa Bamford, Isabelle Castonguay.
Promising newcomers: Aubrey Kachnovich (F), Brooklyn Fournier (F), Anna Plourde (F), Jadyn Pingree (M), Mary Hamblin (M), Elizabeth Grondin (B), Jazmine Pingree (B), Leah Burgess (F).
What to expect: The Phoenix, who won’t be competing against other teams this fall, lost a lot of talent to graduation but still have a formidable nucleus that has played together for a long time. Armandi and Johnson, MVC all-stars as juniors, lead a core of strong, versatile athletes.



Coach: Gail Wight (33rd year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 1-13
Returning athletes: Seniors — Madisyn Buck (D), Brooklyn Kimball (F), Shelby Thorman (D); Juniors — Natasha Mason (D), Leah Kimball (F), Maya Taylor (F), Julia Head (D), EB Hoff (GK), Addie Charette (D), Nicole Cox (F/D), Megan Cox (D).
Key losses: Emily Fraser, Perry Morton.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Bella Bennett (D), Kyra Rose-Espinoza (D), Cadence Hatch (D), Lindsy Stephenson (D).
What to expect: With returning athletes who have all seen varsity time and been playing together for the past two years, the Rebels have a strong core of leaders to bring the newcomers up to speed and be ready to play competitively.


Coach: Jessica Merrill (eighth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 16-1 (lost in Class C state championship)
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kerrigan Anuszewski, Brooklyn Gaghan, Hannah Duley, Lindsay Letourneau, Teresa Siniak, Sydney Harrison, Rilye Frecette, Dana Lesko, Abbie Ross; Juniors — Madelynne Perkins, Elle Folsom, Autumn Gerry; Sophomores — Rhyan Sawlivich, Lauryn Wood, Julia Letourneau, Brooke Belz, Bella Littler, Emma Shuman, Madison Weymouth.
Key losses: Gia Francis.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Suzie Webster, Haley Williams.
What to expect: Last year, the Ramblers graduated eight starters and switched from the North to the South region and didn’t miss a beat, reaching the state championship game for the third year in a row. This year, they have all but one player back, although they will need someone to replace Francis’ scoring and savvy. They have a returning MVC all-star at each level in Perkins, Anuszewski and Lesko, surrounded by a wealth of varsity experience.

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