100 Years Ago: 1920

Pleated skirts of necessity are fuller than straight plain skirts such as have accompanied chic walking suits. Afternoon dresses with simple underskirts continue to have full over-skirts, many of which almost hide the drop beneath, and thus carry along the new note of fullness. Smart taffeta dresses which Parisénnes have worn at the annual races and which are wont to disclose significant fashion revelations have full straight skirts gathered at round waistlines.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Mrs. Robert Berry, Mrs. Daniel Gatz and Mrs. Richard Norcross served as hostesses when the YW-Wives met Wednesday evening, at the Pine Street, Lewiston “Y” residence. Plans for coming activities were discussed. The next regular meeting will be on Sept. 30, and an outing at Camp Chittenden at Lake Tripp is scheduled for Oct. 7. A membership supper will be held Oct, 21.

25 Years Ago: 1995

What started five years ago as a way to show off Maine’s rural beauty to boarding school students has become an annual day of social and community service at Hebron Academy’s Maine Day. On Thursday, middle and high school students spent much of the day engaged in some kind of community service, whether that meant picking up trash on the Streaked Mountain hiking trail and around Halls Pond or going to Lewiston to read to Head Start pupils. Students have come to look forward to Maine Day and say they receive a sense of pride and accomplishment from their work. This year a group of students cut, split and delivered wood to a couple on Back Street in Hebron, a job the elderly couple was unable to do it by themselves. The students also cleaned up a room in the school gymnasium to prepare it for a new dance studio, washed windows on school buildings, weeded flower gardens and cleaned up the athletic fields. Middle school students traveled to Reid State Park to clean up the beach there.

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