Social media accounts:

Forestry company manager

Bachelor of science in economics

Community Organizations:
Fryeburg Fair trustee, East Baldwin Congregational Church member

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):
Spending time with my family, hiking, fishing, boating, watching college sports

Family status:
Married with two children


Years in the Legislature: 6

Committee assignments (if elected):
Currently serving on Appropriations and Financial Affairs and Ethics. Previously served on Energy Utilities and Technology.


1) Are you satisfied with the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic? If yes, why? If not, what do you think should be done instead?
I was pleased with both sides of the aisle coming together in mid-March allocating emergency funding for the pandemic, but I was disappointed with the Department of Labor’s slow response for unemployment.

2) As the state tries to balance its upcoming budget in light of the reduction in tax revenue because of the pandemic, how would you decrease expenses or increase revenues?
On the Appropriations Committee, we have been meeting all summer to find specific budget gaps brought on by the pandemic, and identifying monetary reserves from the Rainy Day Fund to fill the gaps.

3) How does serving as a local politician in your respective party align to the larger goals of that party?
As a long-time small business owner, I understand the challenges of operating one in Maine. I believe my party supports small business owners by fighting high energy costs and burdensome red tape.

4) What do you think is the most pressing matter that pertains to the next generation of Mainers who may be voting for the first time?
Young Mainers are looking for opportunities that allow them to stay in their communities and raise a family with a good paying career.

5) Are you frustrated by the political sniping, exaggeration and even lies between the parties and their supporters that have threatened progress usually reached through respect and reasoned compromise? If so, what will you personally do to make the situation better?
Absolutely! The way I push back against the dishonesty and negativity is to ensure that I personally stick to the facts and avoid the unnecessary mudslinging that goes on far too often.

6) If you are elected, is there anything in particular that you hope to accomplish? And briefly, why?
Besides stabilizing the state budget and helping Maine families through COVID-19, I would like to continue my work for term limits in Congress. I also want to continue strengthening vocational ed.

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