Webb grew up in Alaska with her parents, who are professional glass artists. Her father is a glass blower and her mom makes sculpture. submitted photo

BETHEL — Two weeks ago, Kate Webb was named the newest coordinator for Bethel Area Arts and Music (BAAM), “a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit that nurtures creativity and culture for the Mahoosuc region, its youth, artists, musicians, writers and performers.”

She is taking over for former BAAM coordinator Janet Bartlett, who stepped down earlier this year.

In 2017, Webb and her husband moved to Bethel. They had previously lived in North Carolina, where Webb moved to when she was a teenager. There, Webb attended Appalachian State University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Management, while minoring in business.

Following school, she worked at Penland School of Craft, also in North Carolina. At Penland, she was an event assistant for the development department, but worked many other positions during her four years there, filling in as interim database manager, interim event manager and interim office administrator. She believes the many different hats she wore at Penland will help in her new role with BAAM.

“I feel like they’ll benefit me well because you have to do a lot of different things when you are the leader of  group,” Webb said.

“I want to build a sustainable way for them to be an organization. Having one person that could organize it all is going to be important. I think I can bring a good organizational thought process to BAAM,” Webb added.

Webb plans to build a website for BAAM, hoping this will create an artist network or database in the community.

“We want to help the artists in the community,” Webb said.

The website is currently in the beginning stages.

In the next couple months, Webb said BAAM will be focusing on its online presence given the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19.

“It’s good to have a one stop shop for where you can find out everything BAAM does, events we’re going to do and the resources we’re going to provide,” Webb said.

She plans to introduce herself to the art community, eventually and encourages people to reach out to her with any questions. Her email is [email protected]

She said there might be one small event planned for November, which would be a kids’ craft session. She said this is still in the planning phases as of now.

Webb and her husband live “off-grid” in a yurt. They grow numerous types of gardens and this year they decided to get into beekeeping.

Her and her husband are also avid skiers.



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