Now as most of you know, my number one apprentice and helper is a young lady. She is a great example of the apple and the tree.  A lot of times, I will take a side glance and wonder maybe we should slow down. But, the other day, we were doing some physical task and I thought this was good for us. Get those ole muscles back into shape. It has been a slow summer. I was beginning to think I was almost retired finally. We actually worked up a sweat on one particular task. The next thing I hear is “Dad, I can hear you breathing”.  I stopped a moment and contemplated that statement. I know I had smoked cigarettes once in ‘62 when they cost twenty-five cents a pack. I thought that was too expensive, so I stopped.  I also smoked a pipe for a brief time in ’76 but the smoke changed the taste of my cooking. So, I stopped that.  I even tried dried mullein leaf once, but that did not go well. All of this thinking brought to mind a memory. Thinking does that sometimes. You see I have a small problem that I can discuss here. I don’t want ya all to get uppity because its not a nasty thought. Many times. when I dream, I am in sort of a lala land. If I am dreaming of shingling a roof and almost fall off, I jump right out of bed.  Having fallen twenty feet or so, I am a bit leery of high places. If I am trying to start a stubborn motor in my dreams, the arms go a flinging pulling on that starter cord.

This is ok for me, but when anyone else is around, they kinda look at me strange. I just explain the situation and they accept this as one of my strange quirks. (I really wanted to say queer quirks. But decided not to say it like that), One has to be careful what words they use now a days.  Back to the story.  I was dreaming of deep-sea diving. I don’t swim much in real life because sometimes, I pass out from lack of sugar. Passing out is not a good thing to do while swimming. I came close once or twice.  But it’s ok to swim in my dreams. The next thing I knew someone was shaking me and complaining I was not breathing. Now, this was the same person who would wake me up and tell me to go to bed.  Jeesum, I was already sleeping. I realize I live alone and let the ole body do what it feels like. There are times, I should have stayed in the woods for sure. You see trees really do not mind if I make stinky noises or if I walk around talking to myself and breathing loudly. There are noises I try not to do in public and accidents do happen, and I just keep walking. But I would surely be in trouble if I should be waiting in line behind a cute lady and start breathing loudly. This six-foot distancing has helped a lot with that. I have had to come to the conclusion when there are certain people around to just stop breathing. Folks complain I breathe loudly, and they also complain I don’t breathe. So, if you see me standing around not breathing, have no fear, I am just practicing making folks happy. I will just have to learn when to breathe and not breathe.  I am beginning to believe I was better off when I just didn’t care what folks thought.  I will have to revisit that style of thinking, I guess.        Have a most fine day now folks   Ken W not sure if I am still cob or still in lala land…  time for more coffee, I guess.

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